Lawn Fish Texture Lawn Mowing Grand Rapids Byron Center Michigan
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Our Pricing.

Here at Lawn Fish, we know that price is a big factor when choosing your lawn care company. We believe that financial transparency with our customers, employees, and community will help build trust in our relationships. Our goal is to have prices that allow us to perform the best services we can at a cost that is accessible for most people.


At Lawn Fish we do not provide price discounts, bartering, or price-matching as we believe it is unfair to the community we serve. Instead, we use a standardized system to determine all pricing. 

Here are some benefits of working with Lawn Fish:

  • We are fully insured

  • Professionally-trained, english-speaking staff

  • All team members are non-smokers, have been drug tested and must pass a background check

  • Credit cards and auto-pay accepted and supported

Lawn Fish Texture Lawn Mowing Grand Rapids Byron Center Michigan

Mowing Costs.

Our goal is to make our pricing simple, transparent, and affordable. There are many variables that will increase or decrease the price but these are the general guidelines we use.


Variables That Will Affect The Price:


Square Footage: The size of your lawn is the primary indicator of the price that it will be assigned! The size of your lawn is calculated by our software that measures the square footage of your lawn.

Shape: A perfectly rectangular lawn will take much less time to mow in comparison to a unique shaped lawn with flowerbeds and obstacles scattered throughout. Lawns that have a more unique shape will have greater costs associated.

Access: Small gates into backyards keep us from using larger mowing equipment, and increases the time it takes to mow the backyard if it is fenced in. Long driveways or addresses with limited parking for our trucks also increase the time it takes to perform service.

Clippings Disposal: When partnering with Lawn Fish you can choose either to have us side-discharge your clippings or bag them! While discharging the clippings can help to fertilize your lawn for healthier grass, sometimes these clippings must be collected and disposed of.

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